This incorporates three core focus areas, "The Trilogy of ESD". Enterprise Development (Organisational Development), Supplier Development (Quality/Finance/Sustainability) and Preferential Procurement (Transforming the Supply Chain)



Our Training & Skills Development competency includes  skills development consulting, specialised learning programs and development workshops, learner mentoring and coaching.



Our advisory services goes beyond just providing professional and expert advice, but is expanded to include subcontracting and project management. In other words, our advisory service is not just about organisations paying someone for advice, but it also includes organisations paying someone to actually implement or deliver a particular portion of the work. 



In partnership with Rustim Ariefdien Consultants, we are able to offer highly innovative skills development and learnership interventions



Hybrid organisations combine the social logic of a nonprofit with the commercial logic of a for-profit business.


SEDT offers consulting services to non profit organisations helping them innovate new business models by integrating the non-profit’s business model with for-profit revenue tactics.



Impact is the difference your business makes: There's the work you do, and the difference it makes. Evaluating Performance, Measuring Outcomes. Its no longer a nice to have, its a strategic imperative.

So if we want impact measurement to result in improved services and increased impact, then we have to make sure it works for the business. At SEDT we make it our business to ensure that it does!




Specialising in Training & Skills Development, Enterprise Supplier Development & Business Advisory Services


Co-creating Possibilities that Delivers Real Transformation.


Symbiosis Education and Development Trust (SEDT), helps  public and private sector enterprises as well as non-profit organisations and philanthropist develop strategies and build strong organisations that accelerate business growth and social impact.

Our Vision at SEDT is to embrace the principles of Social Business, Innovation and Sustainability and empower organisations to rise above the traditional ways of doing business, offering alternative solutions that innovates new business models and a different way of thinking

We aim to seek out opportunities that translate into high impact and meaningful outcomes that positively contribute to Nation Building and the on-going sustainability of our Communities and People.


To build relationships in which each provides for the other the conditions necessary to drive socio-economic change



At Symbiosis Education and Development Trust, we drive socio-economic development and impact in communities through our hybrid innovation and accelerator model by building on the successes of our past.  At Symbiosis we have a very simple philosophy “eat the Elephant one bite at a time”.

In this context, we have adopted the following service strategy:

  • To initially narrow our target market – By specializing in a specific demographic, we can focus on the skills or services that uniquely benefit that stakeholder group. Being the best to provide a solution to their unique situation enables us to maximize our impact and revenue and build stronger stakeholder relationships. We are based in Atlantis, and define our market as the West Coast Development Corridor.

  • Focus on superior service - Aim to create the best experience for all our stakeholders.

  • Solve a problem – Find out what common problems our stakeholders face and be the best at solving them. Make our solutions turnkey so we can solve their problems faster and with better results.

  • Be innovative – Continuously try to improve our service to deliver better results to our target audience. If our services are the same as our competition, make the way we deliver them, work with the various stakeholder groups or get to the solution better or faster than the competition can deliver.

  • Create offers that are too hard to ignore – Be creative with our service packages and add so much value that it’s hard to say no.

  • Be known as the expert in our field – Build a reputation as the expert in our field through leveraging our strategic capabilities such as our Business Consulting Services, training and other information products.

  • Make it easy to do business with us – Work continuously on our business model to make it as easy as possible to work with us.

  • Create a unique business model based on our values – Through our Hybrid Innovation and Accelerator model, make a real difference and impact to all our various stakeholder groups and communities.





Atlantis has for a long time been viewed as Cape Town’s forgotten community with high unemployment figures and very little access to opportunity.

SEDT has responded to this need by installing their offices in Atlantis offering a wide variety of services and support functions to SME's in the Atlantis Precinct and surrounds.

The SEDT strategy has built upon the successes of previous macro-economic development and applies the collective experiences and lessons of the last ten years relating to small-enterprise development and support, while responding to the concerns raised by stakeholders within government, the private sector, organised labour and civil society. In particular, the strategy aims to address government’s special development goals to improve equity in terms of race, gender and geographical location.

Our key focus areas in support of SME Development & Support are:

  • Development of innovative industry based programs to support small business in Atlantis and the greater Western Cape Region

  • Developing industry and area based networks of business development services

  • Facilitate the flow of accessible user-friendly information to businesses via a variety of information access points

  • SEDT Business Advisory Services: providing business advice, training, mentoring and coaching

  • Providing Business Facilities such as office space, training rooms and Board Rooms for local SME's to operate from

  • SEDT Shared Services capability that offers low cost support services packaged as a Business-In-Box concept. This

       includes Virtual Reception Services, ICT, Finance, HR and Marketing, to mention a few.




13 Tom Henshilwood Street, Atlantis Industria, Cape Town, South Africa

Tel:  0799612561/0824678200/0824566871


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